I _PUT_ the fires out

the only season 4 outfit that matters

the only season 4 outfit that matters


Prompt: By the time Rumple caught Belle from falling down the ladder, he knew he was in love with her. But whenever he feels his confession on the tip of his tongue, he freezes Belle, confesses his love, maybe even embraces her and/or caresses her face, and then unfreezes her. Belle is all the while unaware but hoping for a way to confess her own feelings. 

Further Prompt: Rumple freezes his maid every now and then so he can put her in amusing positions and make her wear funny hats

and perhaps one day she spills a freezing potion on him and the tables are turned =3


1x12 & 4x01

*SQUEENTS HARD AT THAT RING* dance closer to the camera you two, I wanna see it

The Dork Lady and her Dork one


look at him hes so happy i cant im just so used to seeing him cry all the time oh my god

The look as he slowly goes from the confusion of “why are we here” to “I have the smartest wife ever, the Charmings will never find us here!” is adorable.



I don’t quite feel like drawing today, my creativity needs a break-but here, have some older OUAT drawings and doodles that I’m never going to finish but thought they were interesting enough to share. (Note: I drew the BATB dance scene waaaay before spoilers ever said it was gonna happen. owo); )

OMG that last one. Who needs a heart anyway?


And now, through Belle, there’s love in my life again.


*eats popcorn* take that shirt off!!!

I like how each season he gets progressively more naked



She is made of actual, undistilled sunshine.


Care to dance, mrs. Gold?
I would love to.


Just a few reaction tweets about Rumbelle’s golden moment.

Belle: This honeymoon is lovely so far. I wonder what's going on in town?
*Evil snowman attack*
Rumple: Ah, I'm sure nothing's going on. At all.
*Regina plans murder*
Belle: It's nice not being interrupted
*Storybrooke in havoc*
Rumple: You do realize when we return there will be a complete mess to clean up.